Marks of Power


The Earthmother's Orb

A brief interlude…

Three strangers are brought together by Langduring Wyvernspear at the Academy of Arlan. He asks them to go to an ancient temple of the Earthmother and retrieve the Earthmother’s Orb for him. They agree.

After a few days on the river and a trudge through the swamp they arrive at the temple. They soon discover that Kobolds have taken residence inside. They fight their way throug a series of increasingly unlikely encounters. Finally they Kobolds surrender and take them to their leader.

As it turns out, a Dragon lived in a cave below the temple… which is odd considering Dragons are creatures of myth. Even more implausible is the fact that the Dragon, quite unclimactically gives the group the Orb without a fight. Immortal flying reptiles sure do the strangest things…

The group returns to Arlan and gives the Orb to Langduring. Is this the end of their story?



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