Marks of Power


Sailing the Cauldron

And they say that sailing is the safest way to travel…

The Candidates are introduced to Garvyn, Captain of the Endurance. He instructs his first mate to show them around and they get situated in their cabins. As is usually the case, things are not what they seem: a strange man knocks on Argent and Arturus’ cabin door, he seems confused and soon leaves. The next day none of the crew have ever heard of him.

The Endurance is hit by a storm and both the party and the ship makes it through without serious injury. That night a girl named Charlotte knocks on Winter and Zephs door. She’s looking for her doll so the two agree to help. Arturus comes along, Argent sleeps off his hangover… the lush.

They go down to the cargo deck where Charlotte’s cabin is. She finds her doll and goes to sleep. When she does the door to her cabin, and indeed the cabin itself dissapears. The Candidates inform the Captain who is strangly cranky about the whole thing. They decide they need to get off the ship as soon as possible.

Unfortunately that proves impossible as an inevitable fog rolls in and halts the ship. Despite Zeph’s offer to magically power the ship, Garvyn decides not to risk hitting anything in the dense fog. The Ghost Ship they encounter, however, has no such qualms at it rams the Endurance. The Candidates fight off skeletal warriors that board their ship without too much trouble. The question remains:

Why is all this happening?



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