Marks of Power


Shadow Sailing

When big secrets lead to bad things…

After defeating the skeleton warriors, the Candidates encounter more ghostly figures and soon discover that Capt Garvyn is cursed. Many years ago he took on some bodies as cargo to be buried at a distant port. He instead sold the bodies to a Tiefling that he encountered on a remote island somewher in the Cauldron. Since then he has not been able to leave the ship and the ghosts of the three bodies have haunted him ever since. Up until now only he could see them though… what has changed?

The answer is discovered quickly as the mist dissipates and they discover that the Endurance has somehow found itself in the Shadowfell… Arturus felt great. A cadaverous crow leads the ship to the same island where the Captain made his dark bargain. The friends agree to try and get the bodies back in hopes that it might break the curse and allow them to return to Doman.

The Candidates go ashore and meet their host, Rafe Morgot. The Tiefling surprises them by revealing that he too is a Candidate. He told a tale of woe about how he was misunderstood for being different and banished to the Shadowfell for questionable experiments. Despite his obviously dark nature, he seemed completely truthful with the group and told them more about the Marks of Power and the forces in control of their lives than anyone else ever had.

Ultimately they were faced with a choice: help Rafe return to Doman, or remain in the Shadowfell forever. After a tense standoff that could have gone either way, the Candidates ultimately chose the path home and used a Ta’Garant to travel back to their home plane.

They found themselves on a hill overlooking the majestic Aridan City. As they prepared themselves to go into the thriving metropolis they couldn’t help but wonder if they had unleashed a great evil upon the world…



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