Victor DeGraven

A man on the quest for knowledge. Betrayed by a rejected lover and imprisoned in a magical suit of armor.


Victor DeGraven, Warforged, Wizard level 4.

Height: 6’5”, Weight: 300lbs., Unaligned, Worship: Daughter Arcana. Arcane Implement Mastery: Staff of Defense. Background: Imbuer (Imbuer Benefit).

ABILITY SCORES: Str 10, Con 17, Dex 10, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 10.

AC: 22 Fort: 16 Reflex: 17 Will: 18

HP: 39 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 9

SKILLS: Acrobatics +6, Arcana +13, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +8, Dungeoneering +11, Endurance +11, Heal +8, History +10, Insight +8, Intimidate +8, Nature +11, Perception +8, Religion +13, Stealth +6, Streetwise +6, Thievery +6, Athletics +6.

FEATS: Alchemist, Armor Proficiency (Leather), Jack of All Trades, Mark of Scribing, Versatile Expertise (Light Blade, Staff), Staff Fighting.



Scorching Burst: Standard Action. Range 10, Area Burst 1. +8 vs Reflex, Each creature in Burst. Hit: 1D6+5 Fire Damage.

Thunderwave: Standard Action. Close Blast 3. +8 vs Fort, Each creature in Blast. Hit: 1D6+5 Thunder Damage and Push 2.


Warforged Resolve: Minor Action. Personal. Effect: Gain 5 Temporary Hp and make Saving Throw. If bloodied gain 5 Hp.

Staff of Defense: Immediate Interrupt. Effect: Gain +3 defense vs one attack. Can be use after D.M. tells damage total.

Conduit of Ice: Standard Action. Range 10. +8 vs Reflex, One Creature. Hit: 2d8+5 Cold Damage, and create Zone 2 Cold centered on Creature untill end of my next turn. Zone moves with target. Zone is difficult terrain and any creature ends turn in zone takes 5 Cold.

Fire Shroud: Standard Action. Close Burst 3. +8 vs Reflex, Each enemy in Burst. Hit: 1D8+5 Fire Damage, and ongoing 5 Fire Damage (save).


Sleep: Standard Action. Range 20, Area Burst 2. +8 vs Will, Each creature in Burst. Hit: Target Slowed (save). First failed save target becomes unconscious (save). Miss: Target Slowed (save).

Summon Fire Warrior (spellbook): Minor Action. Range 10. Effect: Summon medium Fire Warrior in unoccupied square. Speed fly 6 (hover), +2 AC and Fort. Command: Standard Action. Melee 1. +8 vs Reflex, One Creature. Hit: 1D8+5 Fire Damage. Command: Opportunity Attack. Same as above.


Shield (encounter): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: Hit by an attack. Effect: +4 A.C. and reflex untill end of my next turn.

Memory to Mist (daily, spellbook): Minor Action. Range 2. Target: One creature not in combat and lower level than me. Effect: Creature forgets everything that happened in the last 10 minutes and for the next minute.

ITEMS: Spellbook, Defensive Staff +1, Backpack, Belt Pouch, Crowbar, Pitons (10), Silk Rope (50 ft.), Waterskin, Daughter Arcana’s Revelation (level 3), Leather Armor +1, Dagger, Tanglefoot Bag (2).

RITUALS: Enchant Magic Item, Brew Potion, Make Whole, Tenser’s Floating Disk

FORMULAS: Alchemist’s Acid, Alchemist’s Fire, Alchemist’s Frost, Tanglefoot Bag


FAMILY: Father: Hector; Mother: Jennifer (maiden name Justice), Brother: Tobias (2 years older), Sisters: Justina (1 year younger), and Susan (8 years younger). Hector (31) and Jennifer (22) at time of marrage, Tobias born 8 months later. Close to mother but slightly distant with rest of family.


I am Victor DeGraven, and this is my story.

Being born into a Magi family has it’s benefits. I grew up with every bit of finery I could have asked for. The best education my privilege could afford garnered in me a love of knowledge, and with the “Gift” of magic I perused it in all its forms. Searching the archives day and night I absorbed it all. Even into my early “adult” life nothing else could turn my head.

Eventually, I found another of whom the pursuit of knowledge burned as brightly, Cathleena. Through every discovery, every academic adventure we were inseparable. Until one day I learned she wished to be more. I tried to reason with her the only true pursuit in life was knowledge, but to no avail. She was hurt deeply because of my lack of interest, and soon we parted. She vowed the knowledge I love so dearly would one day destroy me, but I knew better.

I had joined the Order in the greater pursuit of the secretes they contained but Cathleena’s absence opened my eye’s to the truth. No one but Daughter Arcana knew the true power of knowledge. My cozy existence had turned me body soft and my mind lazed. In a flash insight I knew what I must do. I left the tower and pursued not only the knowledge, but the experience of it.

I traveled long and hard through the years to come, but I always felt the Daughter’s mind guiding me. She was my true companion and I was Her servant, accumulating knowledge of mind and body.

I lost track of time and the events of the world around me but eventually I knew it was time to return home. She guided me to eastern Aridan, near the town of Treval. There I founded a small library and began writing all my accumulated knowledge in volume after volume.

I had hoped the town would take advantage of the innumerable tomes I would write and open a school. This collage would become a great center of knowledge and educational pursuits rivaling even the Council’s Tower. I would make sure education was given freely among all levels of society, to enlighten the masses.

As they say “knowledge is power,” and I had would have given it away to freely. In the end I had followed Daughter Arcana’s will, but the pursuit of power by certain member’s of the Council was my undoing. Cathleena visited me once again, but this time with a force of magi. They destroyed everything, the town, the library, my hopes and dreams, even me. I was still in disarray about our last departing, so to my downfall was blinded by sentiment to her betrayal.

Many years have passed and mind has wandered, but I have been blessed with a new body. I will continue my quest in Her blessed name: The pursuit of knowledge in all its forms; or so I thought. Her blessed guidance is not always so easy…

You Dream:

A dark shadow begins to creep along the land. Slowly at first, it begins to the north in the White Mountains at the top of the world.

Down it comes. Through Sharidar, home of the proud Northmen, always vigilant against the foul creatures they share their land with.

You see the shadow overtake Gontal, and the Free Isles. Still further it creeps. It crosses into Aridan, the land of the High King. To the east it engulfs Glenfaddich, land of the Elves. Down., farther through proud Calaran

Still yet it stretches out through decadent Themul, covering her great legions. Into the Great Waste it goes, swiftly engulfing the vast desert where no man has gone and returned alive.

Suddenly and without warning your perspective changes; you are above the whole world. You can see this dark shadow spreading across the lands. For the first time you can make out the shadow. It is a hand, grasping the all of Doman . With deliberate ease, the hand begins to clench… destroying all before you.

From somewhere you hear a deep, mocking laughter.

You wake.

You must have fallen asleep at your writing desk again; it has been several long nights in a row for you, but nothing you cannot handle. After all, what is a little fatigue when compared to the pursuit of knowledge? You sit up with a yawn and frown as you notice the thin line of spittle connecting your lower lip to the papers you were reading.

Suddenly you realize you are not alone.

A small, dull point digs itself into the back of your neck. You instantly recognize it as a wand. You try to relax your breathing, but you know that you are in an extreme amount of danger. Slowly you try to turn around and view your attacker.

“Be careful Victor,” purrs a female voice that you know all too well. “I wouldn’t want you to do anything rash and get yourself hurt.” The pit in your stomach grows noticeably heavier as you recognize the note of malice in Cathleena’s voice. Every time you’ve heard that particular tone before, something bad happened to someone.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot your staff sitting just within hand’s reach. Even though you know it will be futile, you dart your hand out for it, hoping that your former lover is just bluffing. For a brief moment you fool yourself into thinking that you might have a chance, but before your hand can move more than a few inches you sense a spell being cast.

The force of the arcane attack sends your body flying across the room like a rag doll; you land in the corner in an unnatural heap. You try to move, to force your broken body to respond, but Cathleena’s spell has done its job too well. As you feel your lifeblood exiting your body at an alarming rate, you look up at the woman who murdered you. Cathleena’s beautiful face is a dichotomous mask of triumph and sadness.

“Sorry Victor,” she says, her voice sounding a little giddy. “I wish it could have gone differently, but NO ONE leaves the Magi.” As she starts to leave your study you notice smoke billowing in from the rest of your home. Cathleena turns back to you, her expression now unreadable and says, “You really should have listened to me. I TOLD you that this unrelenting search for knowledge would destroy you… Funny how life works isn’t it? Goodbye my Love.”

You try to focus all of your willpower on taking the next breath, but no amount of learning can prevent one’s own mortality. You watch Cathleena leave the room and realize it is the last thing you will ever see. Your eyes close and you are encompassed by light.

You are suddenly struck by how odd that is. Hasn’t everything you’ve read alluded to death being darkness? Strange… Before you can ponder this further you hear a maddeningly-familiar voice. “Not so fast.” It says. “You’re not done yet I’m afraid. You get to be the solution to the problem that ruined everything last time. I sure hope it doesn’t kill you.” You try to crane your neck so that you might see who it is that is talking to you, but you realize that as a disembodied spirit you HAVE no neck. Suddenly you feel an intense sensation of rapid movement. You feel as though you are hurtling down at an incredible pace. Suddenly you stop.

Everything goes dark…

Victor DeGraven

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