(Unless noted otherwise, anything in the Character Builder is acceptable.)

Race: Any except Dwarves. Keep in mind that Pinewood is almost exclusively inhabited by Humans, if you wish to play a Race other than Human, there should be a good reason why you are living in Pinewood.

Class: All Classes are accepted. Divine characters must choose a Diety to worship; see RELIGION. Note that the vast majority of people worship the Holy Family as a single entity.

Background: Backgrounds may be chosen from the Scales of War and General tabs. Regional Backgrounds from Forgotten Realms and Eberron require DM approval.

Ability Scores: Use standard point buy to generate ability scores.

Equipment: Characters start off with the clothes on their back and any tools they might have to practice whatever trade they are planning on going into. Weapons and armor are not generally available. Special or heirloom items require a good backstory and DM approval.

The first session will take place around the time of the Summer Festival in Pinewood. This Festival celebrates the beginning of Summer (Although this year it seems like it’s been Summer for weeks already). The highlight of the Festival is the changing of years, where everyone in the Village becomes a year older. (Actual birthdates are not important in Pinewood.) This year is the year that the player characters turn 16, the year they become adults, the year they get chosen for a trade and start their new lives…



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