Aridian also known as Common, is the trade language so most people have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the language.

Themulian is an ancient language, believed to be an offspring of Draconic. It is only spoken with any regularity in Themul.

Draconic is the language of “The Gift.” It is only spoken in its true form by magic users, be they Magi, Dra’Coran, or Dragonborn Sorcerers.

Dwarven is still being spoken by the Clansmen of Sheridar and it gives them a pronounced, Dwarvish-sounding accent.

Elven is spoken by Elves and Eldarin, it basically the same language that has been spoken since the dawn of time.

Goblinoid is spoken by the tribes to the North. Interestingly enough it has become a fairly common language in the Free Isles.


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