Isolated on the island of Dragonholt lies the Tower of Magi. Within the walls of this magically protected fortress the Order of the Magi shape the Doman.

“The Daughter Arcana” founded the Order, shortly after the King’s War. Their original purpose was to maintain the Great Barrier and to study The Oracle and prepare the world for the time of the Warlock King’s return. Since then they have grown into a powerful political group as well. The Order of Magi’s members are ranked in order of power, 1st being the highest. They are governed by the Council of Five. The Council consists of four Magi of the 2nd Order, and the Magi of the 1st. There can only be one Magi of the 1st Order at any given time. The current council leader is Andren Talsien, a man of unquestionable power. Magi tend to wear robes of gray and blue and are most easily recognized by the blue crescent moon tattoo on their foreheads. After many years of apprenticeship, they receive this tattoo upon gaining full membership in the Order

The Magi’s primary influence over the Doman is through “The Gift.” Whenever a child is born with “The Gift,” they are almost always visited by The Magi. Talented youngsters are given the privilege of joining the Order so they can receive training in the use of “The Gift.” It is a privilege few people refuse. Those who don’t, or those who escape the Magi’s attention are forevermore branded as Dra’Coran or “The Uneducated.” The Order of Magi firmly believes that the Dra’Coran are a threat to Doman. They harass Dra’Coran to the point of persecution. This is why most agree to the training.

The Order of Magi knows a power beyond Nations, even a king listens when a Magi talks. There are stories of a young queen who was disrespectful to her Magi advisor in front of the court. The Magi merely threw the queen over her knee and spanked the willful monarch in front of her whole court. That is the power of a Magi. The only place a Magi fears to go is Calaran. Any Magi caught within Calaran faces a painful death at the hand of the Redmen.

Another major citadel for the Order of Magi is the Academy of Arlan. The finest center of Knowledge in Doman has been under at least partial Magi control since its creation. With the steady decline of Themulian Nobility, The Magi have taken full control of The Academy. Its current headmaster, Langdurin Wyvrrnspear is a compassionate man with sometimes-controversial views. There are some who think Langdurin should already be a Magi of the 2nd Order and that he was sent to Arlan to keep him out of Andren Talsien’s hair.

Whatever their motives, the Order of Magi are the most powerful political group in the Doman. Some fear their influence and some fear their power. It can only be hoped that the Order is governed wisely.

Children of The One, or Redmen as they are more commonly known are an elite band of holy warriors who answer only to the Bishop of Calaran. Religious zealots all, they are handpicked by the Bishop to enforce the holy word of The One throughout Calaran, and eventually the Doman. Redmen work in groups of four and act as Holy Warriors and Witch Hunters. They will go into a village and root out evil, wherever it may lie. The Children are specially trained by the Bishop himself to uncover “witches.” The masked Inquisitors who often lead groups of Redmen are feared the most, as they can put anyone to the question. These very painful interrogations almost always result in a “confession”. The people that they put to the question are largely innocents, but because the always “confess,” that seems to matter little. The “witches” are usually unfortunate people who are singled out by their community to placate the Redmen’s fanatical zeal.

The Children of The One have started to travel to other lands in Doman. Traveling in foursomes called “Gospels” they claim that their aim is to combat Evil. The Redmen know they can’t officially “question” citizens of Doman, but that doesn’t stop them from isolating suspected witches and dealing with them privately. Because of this, foreign officials keep Gospels under close surveillance.

Some believe that although the Warlock King has been defeated, his will is still being carried out in Doman by his faithful servants. These servants, known as Kingsmen are considered to be the lowest form of life, traitors to their Race, whatever Race that may be. It is uncertain whether they actually exist or not, but in some places, Calaran especially, an accusation of being a Kingsman is a serious offense. If they do indeed exist, secrecy is their ally. They could be anyone from the highest noble, to the lowest thief, to a member of the Order of the Magi.

The Brotherhood is a monastic order of Monks who follow a philosophy known only as “The Way.” The Brotherhood is a fairly new organization to the Doman; it arrived on the South coast of the Free Isles 30 years ago when theSouthern ship dropped off its passengers.

Brothers of “The Way” seek a physical and spiritual perfection they call “Enjuku.” It is rumored that a Monk who has reached “Enjuku” is no longer really a part of this world. It would seem that the Deva Ardents and Psions who accompanied the Human Monks to Doman follow “The Way” as well but their mental abilities have proven much harder to understand than the physical abilities of the Monks.

The almost elitist actions of the Brotherhood have caused concern to some. They have started to take in members of non-Southern origin though, and have opened a Temple in the city of Arlen. Whatever their motives, the Unarmed Combat they teach is tantalizing enough to make people come from all over in hopes of being accepted. What the Brothers ultimately plan for these students is unknown.

Despite the decline of both Arcane and Divine magic after the King’s War the Church of the Holy Family has remained a powerful organization in Doman, both spiritually and politically. The majority of the Church hierarchy is made up of priests who are unable to perform miracles and they are the ones who run the temples and administer to the parishioners. Those who can perform Divine magic are generally considered special agents of the Church and they are generally free to do the God’s will as they see fit. While Church doctrine states that all races are children of the Gods, historically the Church has been dominated by Humans. The current leader of the Church, Pope Roland is a progressive thinker who has striven to make the Church more accessible to other races, a fact which has earned him strong opposition from some of the more conservative bishops. Recently the Pope’s health has taken a turn for the worse and it is generally believed that one of his opponents will take over the Church upon his death. How this will affect the faithful of Doman, especially those who are not Human remains to be seen.


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