Dragonholt is a large island off the coast of Gontal. Near its south coast rests the Tower of Magi, home of the Order of Magi. It is a highly secretive place and no foreign ships are allowed to dock there, not that they could if they tried. The entire island is surrounded by large cliffs and a dangerous reef, raising the question of how the Magi get on and off the island. The answer to that question, like many other things, is a closely guarded Magi secret. See ORGANIZATIONS to learn more about the Order of Magi.

The Great Waste is an impossibly large desert that lies to the South of Doman. No one knows what lies beyond the Waste for no one who has ever entered the Great Waste has returned.

The Wall is the name of the mountain range that lies to the East of Calaran and Glenfaddich. Since there are no known passes through The Wall, what lays to the west of Doman remains a mystery.

There have always been rumors about a great civilization to the South of Doman, beyond the Great Waste. Most people considered these tales to be false until thirty years ago, when a ship from the South appeared off the coast of the Free Isles. The ship was unlike anything the Pirates of the Isles had ever seen. It was twice the size of any Doman ship and its square shaped sails were rigged in a way that had never been seen before. The ship docked off the South coast of the main island, deposited three hundred people, and then sailed away. Almost a third of these people were Devas, a strange race never before seen in Doman. The Humans who were with them were exotic looking, short with coppery skin and almond shaped eyes. They built a Temple there. Some stayed while others spread out through Doman. The Southerners proved to be a quiet bunch, the only thing they will say about their homeland is that it is an Empire far to the South and it is “indescribably beautiful.” Where they come from, and what they are doing in Doman is anyone’s guess. See ORGANIZATIONS to learn more about the Brotherhood of The Way.


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