Pinewood is a small logging village in northern Gontal. The entire village exists because of the Pinewood Logging Company, an outfit run by Penrod Telden out of Hectal. The village is primarily Human and about 200 people live within the village and the surrounding farms.

Gontal is a relatively safe place, but it was built on the bones of the Dwarven Empire. Ruins dot the landscape and it’s not uncommon to find treasure hunters traipsing around the woods looking to find ancient riches. The villagers are a hearty lot and most everyone is handy with a bow or crossbow. Pinewood had not been attacked in a generation, but the mountains where the Goliaths live are only a few days travel away so the citizens always cast a wary eye north.

Pinewood is governed by a Council of Elders. This is a misnomer as age really has little to do with serving on the Council. Gonts are a practical bunch and if a 20 year old shows the wisdom to lead, then he or she can find a place on the Council. The current Council consists of 5 people:

Friar Edgar

Levant Tamalpais

Mama Baba

Arianna Vesten

Johnathan Bishop

  1. The Slug and Lettuce
  2. Church
  3. Schoolhouse
  4. Logging Office/Mill
  5. Vesten Compound/Smithy
  6. Tamalpais Household


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